Hollow Metal Door Company offers a complete line of Metal Doors, Wood Doors, Metal Frames, Stainless Steel Doors & Frames, and Architectural hardware from Assa Abloy, a company that specializes in the "total opening." We also offer Fiberglass Doors & Frames for when the need presents itself as well as any commercial hardware specified.

These sucessful companies help make up the product line we offer here at Hollow Metal Door where quality is never sacrificed and the job is always done right.

  • Curries Company
      Hollow Metal Doors & Frames
  • VT Industries
      Wood Doors
  • McKinney
      Commercial Grade Hinges
  • Sargent
      Architectural Hardware

Hollow Metal Doors
HMD offers a complete line of quality metal doors and frames for both interior and exterior use in all commercial applications including security, fire, STC rating and FEMA requirementsOur supplier is the best in the industry for security, durability and adaptability for individual needs that include the complete line of Curries Metal Doors & Frames. For specifications on our doors, visit the Curries link at http://www.curries.com

Metal Frames
HMD offers a complete line of metal frames ranging from our standard 16 gage cold-rolled steel to 14 gage galvanized to 12 gage Level 3 bullet resistant construction. Our frames range in any size to fit your individual needs. For complete specifications on the metal frames we offer, visit the Curries link at: http://www.curries.com

Wood Doors
HMD offers a full line of VT wood doors. VT Industries provides the non-residential construction industry with a full range of architectural custom or premium grade wood doors. For more information on specifications, visit the VT Industries link at http://www.vtindustries.com

Door Hardware
HMD offers a complete line of locksets, door closers, exit devices, cylinders and access control systems. We are a complete Sargent distributor and offer many other manufacturers products that are readily available. For more information, visit the Sargent link at http://www.sargentlock.com